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Chem unit test 2


What is the process that is used to extract a metal by dissolving the metal in an aqueous solution? Leaching
Advantage of a Magnesium aluminum alloy? Lighter In weight
Mixture of two or more metals? Alloy
What product makes thermite useful in welding Iron
This by-product of copper smelting is collected and used to produce an acid Sulphur dioxide
This is the type of reaction between magnesium hydroxide and hydrochloric acid Neutralization
Construction of the smelter uses this to move material from one furnace to the next Gravity
This can be released into the environment if holding ponds break or overflow Cyanide
This is the type of reaction used to make sulphuric acid Synthesis
The precipitate that’s formed between Iron 2 cyanide and iron 3 chloride is a pigment known as this. Prussian Blue
The most cost effective way of removing gold from ore is treating the crushed rock with this type of solution Sodium Cyanide
One of Canada’s economically important metals Copper
Sodium cyanide and sodium hypochlorite eliminates any _______ from cyanide spills Toxicity
Where we get calcium carbonate from Seashells
What occurs if sulphur dioxide is allowed in the atmosphere Acid precipitation
Thermite is this type of reaction Single Displacement
This is the type of reaction used in the first step of using Iron 2 sulphate to clean cyanide spills Double Displacement
This is the type of reaction used to weld railroad tracks Thermite Reactions
This is a facility that uses heat to extract metal from ore Smelter
This element is extracted from sea water Magnesium
Why is a cyanide spill so dangerous Poisonous
One reason why gold is good to use in electron devices Resistant to corrosion
Gold is used in certain ….. Electronics
Magnesium ions are the ______ most abundant cations found in sea water Second
Cyanide solutions in leaching can be… Recycled
This is used to remove sulphur dioxide from coal burning plants Scrubbers
Where is Kidd Creek copper and zinc mine Timmins
Oxygen is used to separate the iron from the copper in this mineral during copper smelting Chalcopyrite
This aspect of the furnaces is extremely important in smelting Height
This one element is consistent in all thermite reactions Aluminum
What is an advantage of a magnesium aluminum alloy Stronger
We use this chemical in a two-step process to clean cyanide spills Sodium Hypochlorite
This is the chemical synthesized in the second step of magnesium mining Calcium hydroxide
The second furnace in copper smelting clean this Slag
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