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Chem CH.13 SP

chem chapter 13 suggested problems

Which type of radiation is the most penetrating? Gamma Rays
The type and approximate amount of material required to stop alpha particles a piece of paper (or the skin)
The type and approximate amount of material required to stop beta particles 0.5 cm sheet of lead
The type and approximate amount of material required to stop gamma rays. Several centimeters of lead.
Which radioisotope is more hazerdous, 1 g of 238/92U with a half life of 4.5 billion years, or 1 g of 222/86Rn with a half life of 3 days. Explain. 222/86Rn because more ionizing radiation is submitted over a shorter period of time.
Whats wrong with this equation? 4/2He + 27/13AL ---> 49/15P + 1/0n The mass numbers don't add up.
Idoine-131 has a half life of 8 days. Approximatly what fraction of iodine-131 will remian after one month (about 31 days)? 1/16
what is the final product of the uranium series? Stable, nonradiactive isotope of lead-206
Electrical charge and mass for beta particles -1, 0
Electrical charge and mass for alpha particles +2, 4
Electrical charge and mass for gamma rays 0, 0
Electrical charge and mass for positrons +1, 0
Electrical charge and mass for nuetrons 0, 1
beta symbol 0/-1e
positron symbol 0/+1e
Alpha symbol 4/-2He^2+
Gamma symbol 0/0y
nuetron symbol 1/0n
1/0n + 235/92U ---> 142/56Ba + [ ] + 31/0n 1/0n + 235/92U ---> 142/56Ba + [90/36Kr] 31/0n
64/29Cu ----> ____ + 0/-1e 64/29Cu ----> 64/30Zn +0/-1e
69/30Zn ---> ____ + 69/31Ga 69/30Zn ---> 0/-1e + 69/31Ga
131/53L ----> 131/54Xe + ____ 131/53L ----> 131/54Xe + 0/-1e
What are transuranium elements? An artifical element with an atomic number greater than 92.
What is the reason for irradiating food with gamma rays? What is the effect of radiation? Reduces food spoilage, longer shelf life.
Desceribe what effect gamma rays from cobalt-60 have on cancer cells and why this makes them useful in radiation therapy for cancer. gamma rays can damage the DNA sequence needed for duplication of the genetic code in the rapidly mulitplying cancer cells that duplicate more often than normal cells
which source of background radiation contributes more to a persons annual dose, weapons test fallout or natrual radiation in food, water and air? natrual radiation in food, water, and air.
Name three problems that are associated with nuclear energy from fission catastrophic acciden and relaease of radioactive material, plutonium proudcion, dosposal of radioactive wastes
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