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1st Math Review

1st 9 weeks Review

In 2004, there were one hundred forty-five thousand, three hundred twenty people in Georgia who walked to work every day. Which answer choice has the same value as the number of people who walked to work every day? 100,000 + 40,000 + 5,000 + 300 + 20
Karen invited 12 classmates and her 3 sisters to a party. If 4 of these people did not come, which expression can be used to find the number of people who came to Karen’s party? 12+3-4
Jamal wrote the number 32,540 to describe how many fans attended a baseball game. How is this number written in words? thirty two thousand five hundred forty
Round then Add 469+201 500+200=700
Subtract 658-299 359
There are 12 players on the drill team at MCE. There are twice as many students on the soccer team as on the drill team. There are 5 fewer students on the baseball team than on the soccer team. How can you find the number of players on the baseball team? Multiply 12 by 2 and then subtract 5
What number am I? • There are 5 hundreds. • The digit 6 is in the ten thousands place. • There are 38 ones. • The digit in the hundred thousands place is a 1. 160,538
Order these numbers from greatest to least. 2,598 4,265 4,198 2,475 4,265;4,198;2,598;2,475
Ben counted the number of animals on his farm. He has 8 pigs. There are twice as many cows as pigs. He also has 3 more horses than pigs. How many more cows than horses are on John’s farm? 5
If you use each digit once, list the three smallest numbers that she can be make using the digits 6, 7, 8, and 9? 6,789;6,798;6,879
Write the fact family for 7 + 9=16 9+7=16;16-7=9;16-9=7
Add 598+257 855
Round then subtract 59-25 60-30=30
Subtract 424-356 68
Created by: celianorcutt