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Honos Chem. 9 Test

Dr. Kloor

Is used to write very large number or very small numbers Scientific Notation
Is a measure of the reproducibility of measurement Precision
Is a technique for converting between units Dimensional Analysis
Is used to make units smaller or larger Metric Prefixes
Anything that has mass or volume Matter
Is the capacity to do work Energy
Theoretically lowest temperature that can be reached Absolute Zero
Substances that cannot be changed into simpler substances by a chemical change Element
Substances that contain two or more elements in a fixed proportion Compound
A blend of two or more pure substances Mixture
A method to separate heterogenous mixtures Filtration
A method to separate homogenous mixtures Distillation
T/F: Temperature is a measure of how hot or cold something is True
T/F: The four states of matter are solid, liquid gas and air. False
T/F: For numbers less than one the exponent is positive False
T/F: One calorie is the amount of heat that raises the temperature of one gram of water by one degree centigrade True
T/F: Liquids as matter have definite volume and definite shape False
T/F: The SI temperature scale is called the Kelvin scale True
In the measurement 43.52 centimeters which digit is the most uncertain? 2
The number of significant figures in the measurement 6.80 is? 3
The number 210,000 has how many significant figures? 2
A lump of coal Potential Energy
Crushing a can Physical change
Lighting a match Chemical Change
A waterfall Kinetic Energy
If D=m/v what is the density of an unkown element that has a mass of 10 g. and a volume of 50cm3 0.2g/cm3
If 1 calorie = 4.184 joules then 10 calories = how many joules 41.84
Write the correct scientific notation for the number 503,000,000 5.03×10- 8
A baby has a fever his temperature is 40 degrees centigrade/celsius. What is his temperature in the Kelvin Scale 313K
After making an observations and proposing an hypothesis, a scientist's next step is: Perform an experiment
The metric measure best suited to measure distance between jackson, MS. And Memphis Tn. Would be Kilometer
How many significant digits are in the measurement 5.0070 g? Five
T/F: It is not necessary to clean up your work area in a lab False
T/F: All lab measurements are certain False
T/F: The density of a substance is measured in g/cm3 True
T/F: The metric system uses measures of ten to express large or small numbers and is used by the scientific community True
1 Kilometer 1,000 meters
1 centimeter 1,000,000 millimeters
1 mega gram 0.000,001
Created by: caitlin.mclain



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