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Kelimeler A

intermediate Turkish vocabulary (words beginning with A)

abla older sister
acaba I wonder
acele etmek to be in a hurry
acı bitter
açmak to open
açık open [or] light in color
açılmak to be opened
ad name
adam person
adres address
affetmek to forgive
ağabey older brother
ağaç tree
ağırlık weight
ağız mouth, rim
ağrı pain
ağrımak to ache
ağustos August
aile family
ak white
akıl intelligence, mind
akıllı intelligent, wise
akraba relative
akşam evening
akşam yemeği dinner
almak to buy, to take
alan field
alçak low
alışveriş shopping
alkol alcohol
alt bottom
altı six
altında under, beneath
altmış sixty
ama but
amca uncle (father's side)
Amerika America
Amerikalı American
ana main [or] mother
anahtar key
anlamak to understand
anlam meaning
anlatmak to tell
anne mother
anneanne grandmother (mother's side)
apartman apartment building
ara gap, interval
aramak to look for
araba car
araba kullanmak to drive a car
aralık December
arasında between, among
arka back
arkadaş friend
arkasında behind
artık now
artist actor, actress
arzu wish, desire
arzu etmek to wish, to desire
asansör elevator
asıl original
Asya Asia
aşağı down, downstairs
aşçı cook
aşk love
atmak to throw
Avrupa Europe
avukat lawyer
ay month [or] moon
ayakkabı shoe
ayna mirror
aynı the same
ayrıca in addition, also
ayrılmak to leave
az few
Created by: jyo
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