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24-10(2x-5)=4(x+2)-2x What does x equal? 3
8+0=8 What property is this? additive identity prop
|2t+4|=2 what does t equal? -1, -3
A jacket costs $75. The jacket is discounted 20%. The sales tax is 6%. Find the total cost of the jacket. $63.6
|x+3|=1 what does x equal? -2,-4
If 8=3=5, then 3+5=8 What property is this? Symmetric property of equality
2(y-6)=3y+12-y What does y equal? NO SOLUTION
Your stock increased 60% over the year and now is worth $90 per share. How much did you pay for it originally? $56.25
4x+10=-6 What is x when the replacement set is {whole numbers} -4
what is stuff STUFF!!!
what property is this: 5x0=0 Zero property
|3x-3-2| Solve 11
t+4/t-2=1/4 -6
Find the percent of change: original:80 new:75 -6.25%
17+3(z-2)-11z=-7(z+2)+14 Solve for z 11
|r+3|=1 Solve -2, -4
Which property is this: 2(3+4)=2x3+2x4 Distributive property
10(a+1)-14a=9-(4a-1) What is a??? ALL NUMBERS
2 otriches leave Chicago. Sandy is traveling east at 30 miles per hour and Betsy is traveling west at 40 miles per hour. When will sandy and betsy be 210 miles apart 3 hours
Betsy never wanted this to happen things were just different with sandy now. They have grown apart. such a tragic ending. so sad. BOO HOO.But now sandy has found a loving ostrich,Marvin,she can call her own. Poor Betsy will be crushed. What should she do? Betsy shall go to NARNIA!! and find a lover of her own, then she shall come back and RUB IT IN SANDY'S FACE...... STUPID SANDY!!!! YOU GO BETSY. BETSTY THE OSTRICH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
4(2-7x)=1+3x Solve 2.5556
Created by: game lab 5