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Astron - Solar Syst

Astronomy Solar System -- Moon, basic planets, and Galilean Moons

What is the density of Pluto? 2000 kg/m3
What is so strange about Pluto's orbit? It has an elliptical orbit. Sometimes Pluto is closer to the Sun than is Neptune because of this.
What are Pluto's physical properties most like? The ice moons around the Jovian planets.
What is the name of Pluto's moon? Charon
Where are the best images of Pluto and Charon from? The Hubble Space Center. No Probes have been sent to Pluto yet.
Uranus and Neptune have similar what? Properties
What is the name of Uranus' moon? Miranda
What is the name of Neptune's moon? Triton
The Great Red spot is associated with what planet? Jupiter
The Great Dark spot is associated with what planet? Neptune
What planet has helium precipitation? Saturn
What is the largest terrestrial planet? Earth
What is the largest planet in the solar system? Jupiter
What is the energy source of the Galilean moons? Tidal Interactions
Which Galilean moon has oceans of water? Europa
What is the order of Galilean from closest to farthest? Io, Europa, Ganymede, and Callisto
How many Earths fill up Jupiter? 1000
how many Earth can fit across Jupiter? 10
Callisto is known for its what? impact craters and dark surface
Ganymede's properties are a mixture of which Galilean moons? Europa and Callisto
Io is known for its what? sulfur volcanoes
What planet has a 90 degree tilt Uranus
What planet has retrograde rotation? Venus
What gives Neptune and Uranus their blue green color? Methane gas
Which solar objects have differential rotation? gas giants
What planet has constant clouds? Venus
What is the largest solar highland? Aphrodite Terra
Where is the Aphrodite Terra found? Venus
What space object has synchronous rotation? the moon
What space object has resonance rotation? Mercury
Has a surface dominated by impact craters? Moon and Mercury
Largest solar mountain? Olympus Mons
Where is Olympus Mons found? Mars
What property does the moon have that mars does not? Maria
Who discovered Uranus? Herschel
Who discovered Neptune? John Couch Adams and Urbain Leverrier
Who observed Neptune? Johann Galle
Cassini Division is associated with what planet? Saturn
What are the terrestrial planets? Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars
S & P waves & Seismic waves are what? Probes for the interior of the Earth
What are scarps? Huge cliffs on Mercury
What planet has no atmosphere? Mercury
What planet has a weak magnetic field? Mercury
What is the Caloris Basin? a large impact crater
Where is the Caloris Basin located? Mercury
What is a jumbled terrain? unusual hilly formation on mercury
What planet has a jumbled terrain? Mercury
What are inter crater plains? smoothed surface regions
What planet has inter crater plains? Mercury
What is the Valles Mariners? Enormous Valley that runs along the equator of Mars
What planet has Polar Icecaps? Mars Earth can be another possible answer
What planet is about 50K cooler than the Earth
? Mars
What planet are the Galilean Moons associated with? Jupiter
What is the only terrestrial planet that has a density that is less than 5000? Mars
What is the approximate density of Mars? between 3000 and 4000
What terrestrial planets have a density of 5000 or greater? Mercury, Venus, and Earth
How much greater is Venus' atmospheric pressure compared to the Earth? 100 times greater
How much less is Mars' atmospheric pressure compared to the Earth? 100 times less
Which planets have a density less than 3000 kg/m3? Saturn, Pluto, Uranus, Jupiter, Neptune
What is the density of the Moon? around 3000 kg/m3
Name the probes that are associated with Jupiter? Voyager I & II and Galileo
What are the probes that are associated with Mars? Viking I & II,
What are the rovers associated with Mars? Spirit, Opportunity, CURIOSITY ROVER!
What gives Mars is rust like color? Iron Oxide
What planet's motion is most like the Earth's? Mars
What planet's tilt axis is most like the Earth's? Mars
What orbiting probes are associated with Venus? Magellan
What landed probes are associated with Venus? Venera I&II
What planet has no moons? Venus
What is the largest mountain on Venus? Maxwell Montes
What is the highland on the planet Venus that contains Maxwell montes? Isthar Terra
What probe is associated with Mercury? Mariner 10 

What planet has a surface and interior core very similar to Jupiter's? Saturn
Convection in the mantle? Earth
Plate tectonics? Earth
What is the name of Saturn's moon? Titan
which planet's have iron rich cores? the terrestrial planets?
which of the terrestrial planets have HOT iron rich cores? Earth, Venus
Which of the terrestrial planets have COOL iron rich cores? Mars and Mercury
What is the Earth's atmospheric chemical composition? Nitrogen-78%, Oxygen- 21%
What is Venus' atmospheric chemical composition? CO2 - 95.3%, the rest is Nitrogen
What planet does not have a magnetic field? Venus
What is Mars' atmospheric chemical composition? CO2 - 95.3%
Created by: laurenash
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