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42 words i missed

Contrite regretful/seeking forgiveness
Contumacious stubbornly disobedient to authority
Desultory lacking a plan, purpose, or enthusiasm
Dissemble to mislead/pretend
Effete decadent, self-indulgent, useless
Expatiate to speak/write at length/detail
Expiate to atone for (guilt/sin)
Fatuous silly and pointless
Fulminate to loudly denounce
Ignominious disgraceful/shameful
Imprecation a spoken curse
Impugn to dispute the validity of
Impute attribute, ascribe
Indigent poor, needy
Infelicitous inappropriate
Inimical damaging/harmful
Insouciant unconcern/nonchalance
Intemperance indulgence of passions/appetites
Intransigent uncompromising
Inveigle to obtain by deception or flattery
Inveterate having a particular habit/interest that is unlikely to change
Limpid completely clear, unclouded
Meretricious apparently attractive but having no real value
Obsequious servile/subservient
Perfidy deceitfulness, untrustworthiness.
Petulant cranky/rude
Pithy precise and brief
Plangent loud, reverberating, often melancholy
Pluck courage, fortitude
Probity the quality of adhering to the highest moral principles
Prolixity tediously wordy
Recondite not easily understood
Remonstrate to protest/object
Sardonic cynical
Sedulous showing dedication and diligence
Sententious moralizing in a pompous manner
Suppliant making a plea to someone of authority
Trenchant vigorous or incisive in expression or style
Truculent fierce, cruel
Venal bribable, corruptible
Venerate to regard with great respect/awe
Vitiate to impair the quality of
Created by: gibsonsg75
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