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CIS4930 Midterm

The layout TableLayout arranges components into a table of columns. You can then use the TableRow layout (a subclass of LinearLayout) to organize the columns False
The default GUI for a new Android app consists of a _______ (layout) with a black background. LinearLayout
Android apps are developed with _______ — the world’s most widely used programming language, a logical choice because it’s powerful, free and open source. Java
The _______ file, referred to as the manifest, provides information needed to run your app in Android and to filter it properly in Android Market. AndroidManifest.xml
An Android _______ is a series of activities that enables the user to complete an objective within an app or across multiple apps. task
The android:gravity attribute specifies how the text should be positioned with respect to the width and height of the TextView if the text is larger than the TextView. False
The layout RelativeLayout arranges components relative to one another or relative to their parent container. True
The Android Development Tools (ADT) Plugin for Eclipse—an extension to the Eclipse IDE—allows you to create, run and debug Android apps, export them for distribution (e.g., upload them to Android Market), and more. True
If you wish to localize your app in several different languages. In your project’s res folder, the subfolder values contains a _______ file that’s used to store strings. you can create separate values folders for each language. strings.xml
The _______, included in the Android SDK, allows you to run Android apps in a simulated environment within Windows, Mac OS X or Linux. Android emulator
GUI programming in Java is _______ -driven, you’ll write apps that respond to various user interactions such as screen touches and keystrokes. Event
You must design your app for every possible screen size and density. False
A LinearLayout always arranges GUI components in a line horizontally. False
It’s considered a good practice to “externalize” strings, string arrays, images, colors, font sizes, dimensions and other app resources so that you, or someone else on your team, can manage them separately from your application’s code. True
Specifying the value match_parent for both the android:layout_width and android:layout_height attributes, causes the layout to occupy the entire width and height of layout’s _______ element—that is, the one in which this layout is nested. parent
Setting the android:layout_width and android:layout_height attributes to _______ indicates that the view should be just large enough to fit its content, including its padding values that specify the spacing around the content. wrap_content
Setting the android-:lay-out_centerHorizontal attribute to "yes" centers the component horizontally in the layout. False
A program unit called a _______ houses the methods that perform its tasks. Class
Layout files are considered app resources and are stored in the project’s _______ folder. GUI layouts are placed within that folder’s layout subfolder. res
If you externalize color values, all components that use the same color can be updated to a new color simply by changing the color value in a central resource file. True
The Eclipse IDE and the ADT (Android Development Tools) Plugin are the most popular tools for creating and testing Android apps. True
_______ are reusable components used to build an app’s user interface. They perform actions such as searching, viewing information and dialing a phone number. A separate one is often associated with each different screen of an app. Activities
Before running an app in the emulator, you'll need to create an _______, which defines the characteristics of the device on which you want to test, including the hardware, system image, screen size, data storage and more. AVD (Android Virtual Device)
Performing a task in a program requires a _______ which houses the program statements that actually perform its tasks. Method
The two measurement units for density independent pixels are: dip, dp
The _______ (layout) allocates space for a single component. You can add more than one component to this layout, but each will be displayed from the layout’s upper-left corner. The last component added will appear on top. FrameLayout
Using Eclipse with the _______ Plugin, you can create, run, test and debug Android apps quickly and conveniently, and you can visually design your user interfaces. Android Development Tools (ADT)
Microsoft Visual Studio is the recommended integrated development environment for Android development, though developers may also use a text editor and command-line tools to create Android apps. False
The vast majority of Android development is done in C++ False
Android uses a collection of _______, which are named groups of related, predefined classes. packages
Because Android devices have various screen sizes, resolutions and pixel densities, Android allows you to provide separate images (and other resources) that the operating system chooses based on the actual device’s pixel density. True
Your project’s res folder contains threw subfolders for images-drawable-hdpi (high density), drawable-mdpi (medium density) and drawable-ldpi (low density). These folders store images with different pixel densities. pixel
Setting the _______ attribute to “center” centers the text in the TextView. android:gravity
For an Android app that you create with Eclipse, the GUI layout is stored in an XML file called _______, by default. main.xml
You can reproduce on the emulator most of the Android gestures and controls using your computer’s keyboard and mouse. True
The layout _______ arranges components horizontally in one row or vertically in one column. LinearLayout
Android development is a combination of GUI design, and _______ and XML coding. Java
Defining the GUI in XML prevents you from separating your app’s logic from its presentation. False
To change the background color to white, locate the Background property in the Properties window and set its value to _______. #ffffff
When replacing a ListActivity’s default layout, you must define a ListView in the layout and remove its android-:id attribute. False
ListView is a subclass of _______. AdapterView
The Gallery widget will ALWAYS show more than one choice at a time. True
Package _______ contains the widgets (i.e., GUI components) and layouts that are used in Android GUIs, such as EditText, SeekBar and TextView. android.widget
Due to the limited viewing space in a GridView, you are limited to just 2 columns. False
By default, a Seekbar allows you to select values from 0 to 255. False
One of the widgets use in Android is called a Spinner which is a bit counter intuitive to what it actually does. What would be a more descriptive name for this widget? drop down selector
Which of the following would NOT be considered an advantage to using a widget: error handling
You can adjust the minimum number of characters that a user must enter before the list filtering starts in the AutoCompleteTextView widget by using the _______ property. Android:completionthreshold
The Android browser is based on WebKit, which is the same engine that powers the _______ web browser. Safari
EditText widgets are _______ by default if you do not specify android:inputType. multi-line
When creating a Web Browser using the WebView widget, by default, you will be unable to render web pages that contain _______. JavaScript
Which two types of menus are used by Android? context menu, options menu
Just as you can adjust the preferences, settings or options in your favorite web browser, the same ability exists within the WebView widget through the _______ instance. WebSettings
Which 3 fonts are native to Android? monospace, sans & serif
When working with Android's Webkit, what are the two main ways to get content into the WebView? loadData(), loadurl.()
The IMF is commonly referred to as _______, even though other means of text input are possible via the screen. a soft keyboard
Unlike layouts, only one menu XML can be used for each project. False
If using fonts other than those provided by default, the widgets will need to know that the additional fonts exist and to use them. This can be accomplished through _______. Java
Which of the following is not a situation that would call onCreate()? If the activity had been running, paused and then resumed.
When using the MediaPlayer, once playback has been paused or stopped, playback can resume by simply calling start() again. False
When playing audio using the MediaPlayer class, if the media clip is a raw resource, both MediaPlayer.create() and the resource ID of the clip are required. True
The onCreate() and onClick() methods are called on the _______ thread. main application
Which of the following are pop-up messages seen in Android? Toast, Alert
A/n _______ is a type of message that pops up, grabs the focus and stays there until closed by the user. AlertDialog
A/n _______ message is one that displays and disappears on its own without user interaction. transient
Generally speaking, an activity will be in one of the following four states: Active, Paused, Stopped, Dead
Background threads are a great method to bypass CPU utilization, thus saving battery life. False
By default, when there is a change in the phone configuration that might affect resource selection. Which of the following is NOT a type of configuration change that would trigger this destroy-and-recreate behavior? Plugging in a USB cable
Android has facilities to assist you with handling changing database schemas. This is mostly centered around the __________ class. SQLiteOpenHelper
Every Android application can create SQLite databases. True
SQLite Databases: With the Cursor, you can iterate over the rows via moveToFirst(), moveToNext() and __________. isAfterLast()
The primary rationale for fragments was to make it easier to support __________. multiple screen sizes
Fragments are __________. Java Classes
Fragments are not activities, therefore, they can not be used by activities. false
SQLite is a __________ Database. relational
__________ is/are an optional layer you can put between your activities and your widgets, designed to help you reconfigure your activities to support screens both large (e.g., tablets) and small (e.g., phones). fragments
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