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Things To Know

Things To Know for The Cay Test

banks of coral formed by the hard skeletons of a type of small marine animal that groups together in colonies
Barbados located in the Caribbean, this island is the eaternmost island of the British West Indies
blackout curtains these were used during World War II to keep light from escaping through windows at night
booby a large tropical seabird
calypso refers to a type of music long popular in the Caribbean, particularly in the West Indies. It is upbeat in town and relies heavily on the use of steel drums
cay a small low island composed mainly of coral
eye of a hurricane the calm center around which the violent winds and rain of the storm circle
flying fish so called because their unusually large fins allow them to sustain brief periods of gliding flight over the water
gangway the passageway on or off a ship
gnats small winged insects that often bite
Grenadines a group of islands in the West Indies. They are located just north of the larger island of Grenada
Honduras a country in Central America
hurricane a large tornado originating over the ocean. Due to its violent winds, it sometimes is called a TEMPEST
langosta clawless lobsters native to the Caribbean
malaria an infectious disease transmitted by the bite of a mosquito
moray eel a fierce and voracious sea animal with a long, narrow body. It is found in the crevices of coral reefs
mussels shellfish found in the ocean and in tidal pools
Nazis these people were brought to power in Germany under the leadership of Adolf Hitler in 1933
Panama a country in Central America. The Panama Canal, which connects the Atlantic Ocean with the Pacific Ocean, is located here
petrel a variety of small seabird
refinery an industrial plant that purifies crude oil into fuel oil and gasoline
scorpions poisonous arachnids that live in warm, dry regions
sea fan a marine animal that brances in a fanlike form. It is the relative of the coral and sea anemone and is found mainly off the coast of Florida and the West Indies
sea grape a tropical shurb found on sandy beaches. It bears purplish fruit that hang in clusters
skate a diamond-shaped fish with a stinger tail. It is a relative of the stingray and a member of the shark family
steel bands musical bands that originated in the Caribbean. They are comprised mostly of drums made from discarded metal oil barrels
sulphur a nonmetallic element that burns in the air and is used in making matches
trade winds a very consistent system of winds in the tropics
V for Victory Sign a sign made by forming a "V" with the first two fingers of the hand.
Virgin Islands West Indian islands located east of Puerto Rico in the Caribbean Sea. The capital city for the American islands is Charlotte Amalie
voodoo a religious cult of African origin practiced in various areas throughout the Caribbean. Its beliefs are characterized by a faith in sorcery, good and evil spirits, and magic powers
Created by: ssutton