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Basic Terms


default a standard setting or mode of operation. ex. home tab setting in word
undo the command to reverse a previous action
redo the command for reversing the Undo command
Hard copy a document printed on paper
Media outlet mass communication businesses like: newspapers, magazines, tv, and websites
Synonyms words with the same meaning:
Antonyms words with opposite meaning
Thesaurus a listing of word with synonyms with opposite meanings
Toggle command that turns a particular command on of off.
bit the smallest piece of information used by the computer: 1's and 0's
boot to start up a computer
command act of giving the computer instructions to peform by using keystroke or menu choice
download to transfer date from one computer to another computer
file word for document, appliaction, or control panel.
font style type face in different styles: verdana, Times New Roman, comic sans.
kilobyte 1024 bytes
megabyte 1024 kilobytes
menu list of commads: like the paragraph menu
multi tasking running more than one application at one time
paste to insert text or pictures on a document
PC acronym for Personal computer
reset switch switch that restarts the computer if it freezes up
save as to save a previously saved doc. to a new location, or to rename a doc.
save to wrtie a file onto a disk
scroll bar bar at the bottom or right side of a page that allows for scrolling
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