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temperature, mass, volume,histogram, observations,inferences,

Fahrenheit to Celsius C= (F-32) 5/9
Celsius to Fahrenheit F= (C9/5)+ 32
Volume how much space something takes up, mesured in mL 1mL = 1cm^3
Temperature the speed in which particals are moving (kenetic energy of particles)
Boiling point 100 degrees Celcius 212 degrees Fahrenhiet
Freezing point 0 degrees Celcius 32 degrees fahrenhiet
Room temperature 22 degrees Celcius 70 degrees Fahrenhiet
Body temperature 37 degrees Celcius 98.6 degrees Fahrenhiet
Observation to use one's 5 sences to collect information about the world around them
Inference possiable expination based on evedence, logic, and reasoning
Sensitivity of a balance a change to the smallest amount detected
Reliability of a balance the consistency of the balance
tea drinking temp about 60 degrees Celsius about 165.6 degrees Fahrenhiet
Purpose of Ch 2 labs mass does not change in closed systems
Steel wool when burned oxidized so it gained mass from oxygen bonding onto the metal from the surroundings
mass the amount of stuff in an object, measured in grams
glass breaks in lab get broom, dust pan, put in glass disposal
scientific method purpose, hypothesis, procedure, data, data analysis, discussion, conclusion
chemical spill test w/ pH strips, use baking soda if it is an acid
safety in lab hair back, goggles on, close toed shoes
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