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Element History

elements from the periodic table and its history

Iron, Fe Ferrum, Iren Old English
Calcium, Ca Calx or lime
Scandium, Sc from scandinavia
Titanium, Ti from titans the superman of Greece
Vanadium, V Goddess of Beauty, Vandis
Chromium, Cr Color, Chrome
Manganese, Mn Magnes or Magnet
Colbalt, Co evil spirit (kobold)
Nickel, N false copper, kupfernickel
Copper, Cu Cuprum, ancient city of cyprus
Zinc, Zn from Zin, german fortin
Gallium, Ga old name for France
Germanilum, Ge after Germany
Arsenic, As male
Selenium, Se Selene, the moon
Bromine, Br Bromos=stench
Krypton,K from Kryptos, hidden
Rubidudm, Rb from rubidus, Red
Strontium,Sr from strontian, scotland
Yttrium, y from town of ytterby, sweeden
Zirconium,Zr from zirconm cubic zirconium
Niobium, Nb from Niobe, Greek myth daughter of Tantalus
Molybdenum,Mo from lead
Technetium, Tc from technology or artificol
Ruthenium, Ru from russia
Rhodium, Rh Rose Colored
Palladium, Pd from asteroid pallas
Silver, Ag from latin argentum
Cadmium, Cd from Kadmia, earth
Indium, In from indigo blue spectrum
Tin, Sn from stannum, old english for tin
Antimony, Sb opposed to solitude, likes to bond
tellurium, Te from tellus the earth
Iodine, I Idoes, violet
Xeron, Xe from xeros or stranger (Camera and stob flash)
Cesium, Cs from caesius or sky blue
Barium, ba from Barys, heavy or dense
Lanthanum, La to lie hidden
Ceriun, Ce after asteroid ceres
Praseodymium, pr green twin
Neodymium, Nd new twin
Promethium, Pm after prometheus atomic battery, not found in natarc
Samarium, Sm after samarsk, mineral named after russian mine offical
Europium, Eu for europe
Gadolium, Gd after finish chemist
Terbium, Tb after the city in Sweden, ytterby
dysprosium, dy hard to get at
Hydrogen, H water forming,
Helium, He Helios 1st found on sun
Lithium, Li lithos, stone
Beryllium, be from mineral Beryl
Boron, B from Borax ant killer
Carbon, C organic carbo coal, diamond, graphite
nitrogen, n from nitron + gen 78 %
Oxygen, o acid forming 21%
Fluorine, F to flow
Neon, Ne new, neos
Sodium, Na from latin, natrium soda
magnesium, mg ancient city in asia minor
aluminum, al alum, alumen
Silcon, si from flint, silex
Phosphorus, p lightbearer
Sulfur,S brimstone
Chlorine, Cl chloros, greenish yellow gas
Argon, Ar inactive gas
Potassium, K Kallium, potash
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