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Ga Law

Ga P & C Insurance Exam - Ga Law

How is the Ins Commissioner chosen? Term Length? Max # terms? Election; 4yrs; unlimited # terms
Who is the current ins commissioner of GA? Ralph Hudgens
What are the two chief capacities/ powers of Ga Ins Commissioner? 1. Chief Officer of Insurance 2. Chief Fire Marshal
What are the 4 duties/ responsibilities of Ga's Ins Commissioner? 1. appoint deputy commissioners 2. select chief deputy commissioner from deputies 3. Establish bond of $15k 4. Examine financial records of ins co's doing business in Ga (min each 5 yrs for each co.)
With regards to a domestic ins co accused of wrongdoing, what are the duties of the state? the rights of ins co? state must offer accused co public hearing within 30 days; accused co. may request a public hearing
Who has final judgement in the appeal of decision by ins commission? Superior Court of Fulton Co
What is the penalty for violating Ga law codes? probation for 1 yr + fine (unintentional, first violation = $1k per transaction and intentional, post-warning = $5k per transaction
Can an ins co have its license revoked for being in financial distress? Yes
What are four qualifications to being a producer (ins agent) in Ga? 1. 18+yo 2. 40 hr training class 3. pass license exam 4. pass background check (no felonies)
What does the snowbird exclusion state? To obtain a resident ins sales license in GA, one must be a Ga resident (live in GA 6+ moths per yr)
Who would be exempt from taking a pre-licensing course before a state insurance exam? Charter Property Casual Underwriter
How much continuing ed per yr do the following need: 1. agent licensed for 20+yrs 2. agent licensed < 20 yrs 1. 15 hrs training per yr 2. 10 hrs training per yr (3hrs ethics)
If an agent's license has inactive status, is he/she still required to do training to maintain that inactive status (and not have it cancelled altogether)? Yes- same required training as active agents
What does a temporary sales license allow its holder to do? How long is it valid? go on sales calls with a licensed agent; min = 6mos. and max = 15 mos.
What does a counselor's license allow its holder to do? Qualifications? charge customers fees for doing insurance work (as opposed to commission as an agent); qualifications = 5 yrs experience as an agent and pass counselor's exam
What is a rebate and are they legal in the ins biz in Ga? offer of a gift/$ to potential client while he or she is considering buying a policy; illegal in Ga
What is controlled business with respect to ins agents in Ga? rule that states an agent can only have <25% of their accounts as ones that ONLY deal with him/ her as an agent
What is twisting with respect to ins agents in Ga? unethical practice of "downgrading" a policy's terms when switching that policy from another company for a new client
Within how many days of a request by insured must an ins co provide forms needed for filing a claim? 15 days
What is the time period for which a binder is valid? earliest date between: 1. date policy issued 2. 90 days after binder issued
Can an agent sahre his/ her commission with an unlicensed person (i.e. to realtor who sends business to agent regularly)? No- must be an agent and of same type of license(i.e. P & C)
What is the purpose of a Fair Plan? to provide insurance for buildings that are deemed uninsurable because of location, occupancy or condition (helps to encourage property development and improvement in Ga)
Name 2 pers auto insurance discounts in Ga and describe the qualifications for receiving each. 1. Defensive driving discount= at least 10% discount for client: 25+yo, took defensive driving course & licensed and accident free for 3 yrs 2. Good student discount= at least 10% discount for client who: <25 yo, unmarried, full time student w/ 3.0 GPA
Created by: jkbick
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