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Avalos Week 4

Words 1-40

Abstain to choose not to do something
Audacious fearless and daring
Banal predictable, cliched, boring
Cacophony harsh, jarring noise
Decorum appropriateness of behavior or conduct; propriety
Eclectic selecting from or made up from a variety of sources
Malinger to evade responsibility by pretending to be ill
Paradox a contradiction or dilemma
Satiate to satisfy fully or overindulge
Vacillate to physically sway or to be indecisivew
Aberrant deviating from what is normal or expected
Bolster support, prop up
Candid impartial and honest in speech
Deride to speak of or treat with contempt, to mock
Efficacy effectiveness
Fanatical acting excessively enthusiastic, filled with extreme, unquestioned devotion
Laconic using few words
Malleable capable of being shaped
Rarefy to make thinner or sparser
Soporific causing sleep or lethargy
Abscond to leave secretly
Bombastic pompous in speech and manner
Capricious changing one's mind quickly and often
Desiccate to dry out thoroughly
Elegy a sorrowful poem or speech
Fawn to grovel
Garrulous tending to talk a lot
Naïve lacking sophistication or experience
Paragon model of excellence or perfection
Venerate to respect deeply
Abyss an extremely deep hole
Castigate to punish or criticize harshly
Diatribe an abusive, condemnatory speech
Eloquent persuasive and moving, especially in speech
Iconoclast one who opposes established beliefs, customs and institutions
Pedant someone who shows off learning
Perfunctory done in a routine way; indifferent
Specious deceptively attractive; seemingly plausible but fallacious
Tacit done without using words
Zeal passion, excitement
Created by: cavalos
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