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GCSE F Unit 1 CH 3

Collecting Data

If I collect information about the age of Open University students from the internet, is my data primary or secondary? Secondary
What type of data are the answers to the question "What colour car do you drive?", qualitative or quantitative? Qualitative
Which of the following data are discrete? a) Heights of basketball players b) The length of rat intestines c) Time taken to run 100m None - they are all continuous data
What type of data are the number of pages in a sample of student textbooks? Qualitative, quantitative, discrete, or continuous? Quantitative discrete
List out some key words associated with discrete data. Number of, how many of, count
List out some key words associated with continuous data. Measure, units of measurement e.g cm, m, kg, sec, ml, degrees
What is a sample and why would I take one? Part of the whole population with the sa?me features, taken to save time and money
List 5 methods of collecting data. Face to face survey, post/e-mail survey, observation, controlled experiment, data logging
List 2 things that are wrong with the following question in a survey: "How often do you play sport?: a) Very often b) Often c) Never " It does not specify a time frame e.g. in a week, it does not quantify very often and often (e.g. every day?, 5 times a week?)
If in a survey question I offer a choice of controlled answers, list 2 things I must avoid in range of options I offer. Gaps (e.g. 3-5 and then 9 -11, missing 6-8) and overlaps (e.g. 3-5, 5-7: what do I tick for 5?)
What is 'raw' data? Data collected but not organised in any way
What is a tally chart? The simplest way to organise data by representing 5 with 4 strokes and a line through them
List 2 columns In a frequency table Type of data (e.g colour or size) and frequency (how many of each)
What is a two way table? They show more than one characteristic of the data at one time e.g. boys and girls, those who like sport and those who don't
In a survey 50 children were asked if they liked chocolate, 15 boys didn't like chocolate, a total of 26 girls were asked, how many boys liked chocolate? 9
Created by: sandy archer