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What led to the growth in population between 1000 and 1300 in Europe? New ways of farming
What is a money economy? Where did it first take place? Not bartering, but using currency. Started in ITL.
If the Pope controlled the Papal States, what does papal mean? Pope
Why was the Inquisition formed? To find heretics
What percentage of European people died from the Black Plague? ½
Describe what happened in the Great Schism. Two popes claimed power. One was French one was Italian. Both said the other was the anti-christ.
What time period were the middle ages? 500-1500
What does pope mean? Father
What is communion? What is the Eucharist? Bread and wine/Eucharist is where the bread and wine become the body and blood
Describe what happens when someone who is Catholic dies. Purgatory, heaven or hell.
What was the inquisition? A court to try heretics
Describe gothic architecture. Pointy, holy, stained glass, flying buttresses
Describe gothic art. 2D, holy, no perspective
What was guild? What current group is it most like? Group of workers who do the same thing/ like a union
Describe a medieval city. Stinky, crowded
How was the bubonic plague spread? Rats, boats, silk road
What were some effects of the bubonic plague? Buboes, flu, death
Who fought in the 100 Years War? Who won? Who was the girl that fought in it? ENG v FR, FR Wins with the help of Joan of Arc
What does Pope mean? father
If 100 people were living in Europe at the time, how many would have died from the plague? 50
What is another term for middle ages? Medieval, dark
What's another name for trade? barter
What is monasticism? monks and nuns
What is a sacrament? Holy ritual performed by church
What is the literal transformation of the wine and bread into body and wine called? Transubstantination
Describe the inquistion in one word. court
What was the inquisition looking for? heretics
What is heresy? going against the church
what is 500-1500CE? Middle ages
Who is the most important in the Catholic Church? Pope, then cardinals, then bishops
What happens in purgatory? sins are cleaned
List important sacraments. Communion, eucharist, mass, christening, baptism
What are common misconceptions about Catholocism? Catholics don't pray to marry or to saints, they pray through them.
Created by: rockcastle