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Irregular Present

Irregular Present Tense Verbs Vocabulary

to punctuate puntuar
to graduate graduarse
to vary variar
to empty vaciar
to catch cold resfriarse
to send enviar
to challenge desafiar
to trust confiar con
to act actuar
to ski esquiar
to flee huir
to run away huir
to distribute distribuir
to destroy destruir
to build construir
to construct construir
to smile sonreír
to laugh reírse
to die morir
to sleep dormir
to return (self) volver
to go back volver
to be used to soler
to be accustomed to soler
to resolve resolver
to be able poder
can poder
to move mover
to return (something) devolver
to give back devolver
to continue continuar
to resolve resolver
to be able to poder
to give back devolver
to dream soñar
to sound sonar
to ring sonar
to remember recordar
to try probar
to taste probar
to show mostrar
to find encontrar
to cost costar
to tell contar
to relate contar
to have lunch almorzar
to serve servir
to repeat repetir
to ask for pedir
to request pedir
to smell oler
to feel sentir
to prefer preferir
to lie mentir
to warn advertir
to love querer
to want querer
to lose perder
to miss perder
to understand entender
to light encender
to turn on encender
to descend descender
to go down descender
to defend defender
to break quebrar
to think pensar
to plan pensar
to begin empezar
to wake up despertarse
to start comenzar
to close cerrar
to play jugar
to hear oír
to go ir
to be-long term ser
to be-short term estar
to keep on seguir
to follow seguir
to come venir
to come over venir
to have tener
to say decir
to tell decir
to demand exigir
to direct dirigir
to pick up recoger
to protect proteger
to choose escoger
to pick coger
to seize coger
to catch coger
to grasp coger
to grab coger
to see ver
to know something saber
to know how saber
to give dar
to translate traducir
to produce producir
to drive conducir
to recognize reconocer
to belong pertenecer
to seem parecer
to appear parecer
to offer ofrecer
to obey obedecer
to deserve merecer
to disappear desaparecer
to know someone conocer
to bring traer
to go out salir
to leave salir
to put poner
to set poner
to do hacer
to make hacer
to fall caer
to build construir
Created by: lakitzman