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Physics chapter 2

How is balance important in our lives? Relationships- family and friends Finances- expenses and earnings nature- energy radiated by the earth and solar energy input from the sun
what does mechanical equilibrium mean? forces are balanced so no change in motion
Motion would be changed if there was ___ unbalanced external force
Why is a force needed with an object? to change its state of motion
what is a force? a push or pull
a state of motion may be __? at rest or moving
if a hockey puck is not moving remains until a force hits it. it is? at rest
hockey puck sliding along ice until a force stops it is? moving
what is the combination of all forces acting on an object? net force
How many forces does a net force have acting on an object? usually more than one
what does a net force do? changes the motion of an object
What is the scientific unit of force? Newton
What does net force depend on? Magnitude and direction of all applied forces
If you push a rock up as hard as gravity is pulling down what happens? rock does not move
If you push harder than gravity on the rock upward what happens? the rock goes upward
if you push with less force on the rock what happens? the rock moves downward
what is tension? the upward force acting on a suspended object
what is tension sometimes called? a stretching force
what is the downward force caused by gravitational pull? weight
if two forces are equal and opposite, what is the net force? zero
if the net force is zero then what does the object do? remains at rest
how are vectors produced? when the arrow is scaled to represent the amount of the force and the direction of the arrow points in the direction of the force
what is a vector? an arrow that represents both magnitude and direction of a quantity
what does a vector quantity need? both magnitude and direction for a complete direction
what is a scalar quantity? a quantity that can be described by magnitude only and has no direction
what are some examples of scalar quantities? time, area, and volume
What can scalar quantities do? can be added, subtracted, multiplied or divided like ordinary numbers
when applied forces act in the same way what do u do? add them
when applied forces are acting in opposite directions what do u do? subtract
what is a state where no physical changes occur? mechanical equilibrium
EF=0 equilibrium rule
what is EF=0? "when the sum of the forces acting on an object is zero the object is in mechanical equilibrium
what should the sum or suspended objects equal in equilibrium? zero
If upward forces are positive and downward forces are negative what does the sum equal? zero
Equilibrium is either at rest or at constant speed ina straight line path
if an object has one force on it what is happening? it cannot be in equilibrium
what is one force acting on the object doing? pushing
the second force is acting in the opposite direction is the force of ____ friction
what does objects that are at rest said to be? in static equilibrium
objects moving at a constant speed in a straight line path are said to be in what? dynamic equilibrium.
what is a car on cruise control? dynamic
what is a girl hanging from a trapeze? static
what is a flower pot on a window sill? static
what is a hockey puck sliding across the ice? dynamic
what is an airplane in flight? dynamic
Created by: 16_dnuckolls