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intro test english 4

study guide enlish 4

epic long narrative poem about adventures.
beawulf only anglo saxon epic. takes place in denmark sweeden
henrey 5th led to victory in the battle of agincourt with the longbow
William Caxton 1476, set up printing press in west minister london. used london dialect, becomes most used dialect in modern english. Order dont matter.
Black Plauge 1347 killed 40% of europe middle class evolved. renaissance period
Mystry plays renaissance guilds-early idea of labor union.
Shakesphere Globe Threater 1564-1616
King James rewrote the bibile to english seperated from the pope and got divorced
Charles 1 1st king to be excuted 17th century
john Milton main writer puritan worked for oliver Cramwell went blind taught himself anglosaxon
Romantic Period 1798
French revolution july, 14, 1789
Geoffrey Chaucer 1343-1400 greatest english poet of middle ages father of english poetry
Straight roads created by the romans
William Wordsworth started the romantic era in 1798
John Keets 2nd generation of poets during romantic period
benjermin Disraeli prime minister during victorian era novilist
edmund spencer "faire queen" reniassance
Elizabeth 1st begging age of shakesphere dies 1603 king henry took her place
Old enligh 449-1066 anglosaxon period Beowulf
Middle English 1066-1500
Modern Enlgish 1500--current
Created by: jordanlofton