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O Chem 1 Naming

Comma Represents multiple bonds on atom before first comma

Alkane, Formula, R all bonds on carbon SP3
Alkene formula C||C
Calkyne formula C|||C
Arene formula 6 sided ring with 3 double bonds Ar-H
Alkyl halide formula (X||F, Br, Cl, I, R)
Alcohol formula R|H
Ether formula R|O|R
Amine formula R|NH_2_
Aldehyde formula R|C,|H,||O
Ketone formula R|C,|R,||O
Carboxylic Acid formula OH|C,|R,||O
Acyl Anhydride formula O||C,|R,|R,|O|C||O
Acid Anhydride formula O||C,|R,|O|R
Amide formula O||C,|R,|O|R
Natrile formula R|C|||N
Alcohols main group -ol
alcohols substituent hydroxy
amines main group -amine
amines substituent amino
alkenes main group -ene
alkenes substituent alkenyl
alkynes main group -yne
alkynes substituent alkynyl
alkanes main group -ane
alkanes substituent alkyl
ethers main group none
halides main group none
ethers substituent alkoxy
halides substituent halo
1 carbons meth-
2 carbons eth-
3 carbons prop-
3 carbons but-
5 carbons pent-
6 carbons hex-
7 carbons hept-
8 carbons oct-
9 carbons non-
10 carbons olec-
alkanes systematic nomenclature of side chains root+yl
alkane systematic nomenclature of the main chain ane
alkene systematic nomenclature of the main chain ene
alkyne systematic nomenclature of the main chain yne
|CH_3_ systematic name methyl
|CH_3_common name methyl
|CH_2_CH_3_ systematic name ethyl
|CH_2_CH_3_ common name ethyl
CH_2_CH_2_CH_3_ common name propyl
CH_2_CH_2_CH_3_ systematic name propyl
CH_3_|CH,|C,|C,|CH_3_ systematic name 1-methyl-ethyl
CH_3_|CH,|C,|C,|CH_3_ common name Isopropyl
|CH_2_CH_2_CH_3_ systematic name butyl
|CH_2_CH_2_CH_3_ common name butyl
CH_3_|CH_2_|CH|CH_3_ systematic name 2-methyl-propyl
CH_3_|CH_2_|CH-|CH_3_ common name isobutyl
| CH_3_|H_3_C|C|CH_3_ systematic name 1-1dimethyl-ethyl
CH_3_|H_3_C|C|CH_3_ common name tertbutyl
CH_3_|CH|CH_2_|CH_3_ systematic name 1-methyl-propyl
CH_3_||CH|CH_2_|CH_3_ common name secbutyl
||CH_2_|| systematic name methlene
||CH_2_|| common name none
6 sided Carbon Ring with 3 double bonds and 1 branch systematic name none
6 sided Carbon Ring with 3 double bonds and 1 branch common name phenyl
R molecular structure C|H
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