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CG 4th Pd. U1 Test

For the test Tuesday, Sept 18th

What kind of minds do critical thinkers have? Open
What are critical thinkers able to see? Pros and cons of both sides
What is bias? Being unfair to one side.
Why is realizing that everyone has a different reality important? You can see that everyone is different and might not think like you do.
What is something a non-critical thinker would say? If you don’t agree with me, you’re stupid!
What are the two parts to a government? What do they concern? Economy – money, Politics - power
What’s the difference between capitalism and socialism? Capitalism – individual controls wealth Socialism – gov controls wealth
What’s the only difference between socialism and communism? Socialism – goods distributed by how hard you work Communism – goods distributed based on need
How could you argue that America is communist and capitalist? Individuals control the wealth, but everyone gets help from the government if they need it.
Define Anarchy No government
Define Dictatorship One person controls the government
Define Oligarchy Ruled by few
Define Plutocracy Ruled by rich
Define Totalitarian Dictatorship One leader controls gov, religion, culture and economy
Define Theocracy Ruled by God or the religion
Define Monarchy One ruler who got power from birth
Define Republic Ppl vote for ppl who make laws
How is a republic different from a parliament? Republic has other branches, parliament is the entire government.
What is a pure democracy? Everyone votes for everything.
How is a republic similar to a parliament? Both have representatives voted for by the people.
Which party would most people who live in the city vote for? Democrats
Which party would most minorities vote for? Democrats
Which party would most people who live in the Midwest vote for? Republicans
Which party would most Jews vote for? Democrats
Which party would most wealthy people vote for? Republicans
Which party would most people who were raised republican vote for? Republicans
Which party is more liberal? Democrats
Which party is more conservative? Republicans
Which party would Locke vote for? Democrats
Which party would Hobbes vote for? Republicans
Which philosopher thought most people are selfish? Hobbes
Which philosopher thought most people are good? Locke
What does Locke loves and Hobbes hates mean? Locke thinks people are mostly good, Hobbes thinks people are mostly selfish.
Which party would want lower taxes? Democrats
Which party would ban abortion? Republicans
Which party would make seatbelts mandatory? Republicans
Which party would pass a law making Christianity the official US religion? Republicans
Which party would make gay marriage illegal? Republicans
Which party would raise taxes? Democrats
Which party would raise the minimum wage? Democrats
Which party would like a strict separation of church and state? Democrats
Which party would probably legalize illegal drugs? Democrats
Which party would make punishments for crimes less strict? Democrats
Which party would lower the drinking age? Democrats
Which party would put more money into public schools? Democrats
Which party would cut welfare spending? Republicans
Which party would ban the death penalty? Democrats
Where were Locke and Hobbes from? England
During which century did Locke and Hobbes live? 1700s (18th Century)
What are Locke and Hobbes’ first names? John and Thomas
What group met to create the Declaration and where did they meet? 2nd Continental Congress/Philadelphia
Why didn't people like John Adams? He was obnoxious
Who ended up writing the Declaration? Jefferson
Who was the leader of the American army during the time of the Declaration? How did he think the army would do in the war? Washington/thought they’d lose
What compromise did Adams make to get the Declaration passed? To not take the part out of the Declaration about slavery
Why did John Hancock say he wanted to sign his name so large on the Declaration? So King George could see it without his glasses.
How were the Virginia Plan and the New Jersey Plan different? Virginia Plan had reps based on population/New Jersey Plan had 2 reps for each state
What was the Great Compromise? A combination of the NJ and VA plans. 2 Houses with Senate appointed and House by population.
What was the Three Fifths Compromise? To allow slaves to count as 3/5 of a person in population.
How many years were between the signing of the Declaration and the signing of the Constitution? What year was the Constitution signed? 11/1787
What is the preamble? The introduction to the Constitution.
How many articles are in the Constitution? Seven
How many branches are in the government? Three
How many times has the Constitution been amended? Twenty-seven
What are the three branches of the government? Legislative, Executive, Judicial
What are the first ten amendments to the Constitution called? The Bill of Rights
What is the main job of the Legislature? to make the laws
What are the two houses of the Legislature called? The Congress
Name the two houses of Congress. The House of Representatives and The Senate
How many members in the House of Representatives? 435
How is the number of representatives chosen for each state? The number is based on the state's population.
How often is there a census of the American people? Every 10 years.
How long is the term of office for a Representative? 2 years
Who is the leader of the House of Representatives? The Speaker of the House
What role does the House play in an impeachment trial? The House gathers the evidence.
How many members are in the Senate? 100
How many senators from each state? 2
How long is the term of office for a senator? 6 years
Who is the leader of the Senate? The Vice-President, also called the President – Joe Biden
What kind of Bill can only begin in the House of Representatives? A bill concerning money or revenue.
After a Bill passes the first House of the Congress, where does it go next? To the other House.
If a Bill passes through both Houses of Congress, where does it go next? To the President.
What is Article One in the Constitution about? Legislative Branch
What is Article Two in the Constitution about? Judicial Branch
What is Article Three in the Constitution about? Executive Branch
What are changes to the Constitution called? Amendments
Who is the current Vice President? Joe Biden/Paul Ryan
Who is the current President? Barack Obama/Mitt Romney
Who is the current speaker of the House? John Boener (OH) R
Who is the current President Pro Tempore? Daniel Inoue (HI) D
What two things can a president do to a bill? Veto or sign it
How can a vetoed bill become a law? 2/3 of both houses must vote for it after the veto
What is the difference between anti federalists and federalists? Federalists wanted a strong national government and weak state governments/Antifederalists wanted strong state governments and a weak national government
Where does a bill go first to become a law? The House
Created by: rockcastle