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Chapter 1 Word Scramble


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Chapter 1

SWGTC-R/T- Chapter 1- Wallace- Radiographic Qualities

Photographic properties Density & Contrast
Geometric properties Distortion & Recorded Detail
"Image Visibility" Photographic properties
"Image Sharpness" Geometric properties
Overall Blackness Density
Difference between adjacent densities Contrast
Sharpness of the lines Recorded Detail
Misrepresentation of the true size/shape Distortion
Factors that control Primary factors
Factors that influence Secondary factors
A film that appears too dark or black and the body parts in the image are not visible. The image is said to have ___________. too much density
Parts of the image are emphasized while other parts are not. This image is produced with ___________. too high/low contrast
The image appears blurry. The radiograph is produced with ___________. poor recorded detail
The image in the radiograph will appear different from the actual object. The radiograph is __________. distorted
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