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Properties of Toxins Word Scramble


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Properties of Toxins

Microbiology - Properties of Toxins

side oneside two
mostly Gram+, some Gram- exotoxins
extracellular, excreted into medium exotoxins
unstable, denatured above 60 degrees & ultraviolet light exotoxins
most powerful toxins exotoxins
highly specific, some act as neurotoxins or cardiac m. toxins exotoxins
little or no fever produced exotoxins
strong antigenicity; stimulates antibody production & immunity exotoxins
treatment with heat or chemicals; toxoid used to immunize against toxins exotoxins
Ex: botulism, gas gangrene, tetanus, diptheria, staphylococcal food poisoning, cholera, entertoxins, plague exotoxins
mostly Gram+ endotoxins
bound withing bacterial cell wall; released upon death of bacterium endotoxins
lipopolysaccharide complex endotoxins
relatively stable; can withstand several hours above 60 degrees endotoxins
weak, but can be fatal in relatively large doses endotoxins
nonspecific; ache all over systemic effects or local site reactions endotoxins
rapid rise in temperature to high fever endotoxins
weak; recovery from disease often does not produce immunity endotoxins
cannot be converted to toxoid; cannot be used to immunize endotoxins
Ex: Salmonellosis, tularemia, endotoxic shock endotoxins
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