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3rd packets

Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

What organ involves hepatitis?   Liver  
What family does Hepatitis A (HAV)?   Piconaviridae  
What family does Hepatitis B (HBV)?   Hepadnaviridae  
What family does Hepatitis C (HCV)?   Flaviviridae  
What family does Hepatitis D (HDV)?   Deltavirus  
What are the common symptoms of hepatitis?   Fever, GI symptoms, Nausea and Vomiting  
Hep A's Mode of transmission?   Fecal-oral, in crowded populations with poor sanitation Rarely through needles, it's viremia is very short  
Is Hep A oncogenic, which types are?   No, type B and C are oncogenic  
Name of the vaccine for Hep A?   Formalin inactivated HAV vaccine  
What type of DNA is in Hep B and why is it incomplete?   ssDNA positive strand and circular incomplete until it infects a new cell  
What are the conditions of Hep B?   Cirrhosis and carcinoma of the liver  
Hep B's Mode of transmission?   Parenteral - Needles, Transplants, tattoo's and even sexually and orally, also mother-son  
What are the 3 morphologic forms of Hep B, known as the dane particles?   Spherical, Pleomorphic spherical and filamentous  
What is the outer surface antigen of Hep B?   HBsAg  
Why is HBsAg important for Hep D?   Because it provides HbsAg envelope for it  
What is Fulminant Hepatitis?   Combination of Hep B and D (Co-infection)  
What genes are contained in Hep B?   Transactivator protein X Polymerase P - (RNase H and reverse transcriptase S gene - encodes HBsAg C gene - encodes HBcAg and HBeAg  
What is cccDNA in Hep B?   covalently closed DNA, it happens after the incomplete DNA closes  
Types of Vaccine for Hep B?   Recombinant HBsAg vaccine Hepatitis B immune globulin (Passive) HBsAG at different site soon after exposure (Active)  
Medication for Hep B?   Interferon alfa Antivirals (entecabir, adefovir, lamivudine, ribavirin  
What is the difference in Hep B infection between effective and limited T cell immunity?   Effective: acute hep Limited: chronic disease (Cirrhosis or carcinoma)  
Which hepatitis does not have an arthropod vector?   Hep C  
How is Hep C transmitted?   Parenteral - transfusion of blood products, semen, mother-son, hemodialysis, sex  
What is the primary cause of chronic liver carcinoma?   Hep C  
What is the treatment for Hep C?   Similar to Hep B, Interferon Alfa and ribavirin  
What are the types of vaccine for hep C?   None  
Why can't Hep D exist by itself?   Because it needs the envelope of HBsAg, the only gene on the molecule codes for HD-AG  
What kind of RNA is in HDV?   ssRNA  
What kind of RNA is in HAV?   ssRNA  
What kind of RNA is in HBV?   dsDNA  
What kind of RNA is in HCV?   ssRNA  
What are the vaccines for HDV?   There is no specific vaccine, it needs HBV to coexist so by targeting HBV the infection can be stopped.  


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