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Flashcards for 3-letter airport codes & 2-letter airline codes

Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

BHM   Birmingham, AL  
MSL   Muscle Shoals, AL  
TPA   Tampa, FL  
HNL   Honolulu, HI  
DCA   Washington, DC - Ronald Reagan  
IAD   Washington, DC - Dulles  
ORD   Chicago - O'Hare  
MDW   Chicago - Midway  
TYS   Knoxville, TN  
HSV   Huntsville, AL  
ATL   Atlanta, GA  
IAH   Houston, TX - Intercontinental  
HOU   Houston, TX - Houston Hobby  
DFW   Dallas/Fort Worth, TX  
CVG   Cincinnati, OH  
PHL   Philadelphia, PA  
LGA   New York, NY - La Guardia  
EWR   New York, NY - Newark, NJ  
CLT   Charlotte, NC  
MSP   Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN  
MCO   Orlando, FL  
SEA   Seattle-Tacoma, WA  
MIA   Miami, FL  
SFO   San Francisco, CA  
FAT   Fresno, CA  
SUX   Sioux City, Iowa  
LAX   Los Angeles, CA  
LAS   Las Vegas, NV  
JFK   New York, NY - John F Kennedy  
DTW   Detroit/Wayne County, MI  
PHX   Phoenix, AZ  
MOB   Mobile, AL  
MGM   Montgomery, AL  
BNA   Nashville, TN  
MSY   New Orleans, LA  
MEM   Memphis, TN  
DL   Delta Airlines  
US   US Airways  
UA   United Airlines  
WN   Southwest Airlines  
AA   American Airlines  
CO   Continental  
BA   British Airways  
AF   Air France  
CDG   Charles de Gualle Airport - Paris France  
LHR   London Heathrow Airport, England  
LGW   London Gatwick Airport, England  
SNN   Shannon, Ireland  
DUB   Dublin, Ireland  
DEN   Denver, CO  


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Created by: mmcarter