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English Reformation

Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

William Tyndale   translated the New Testament into English in 1524-1525 in Germany, and began to circulate in England in 1526  
Cardinal Thomas Wolsey and Sir Thomas Moore, Wosley's succesor, cheif ministers of King Henry VIII   guided royal opposition to incipient English Protestantism  
Henry VII 1509   married Catherine of Aragorn, but by 1527 he was tired of no male heir  
1527   imperial solides scaked Rome and Pope Clement VII was taken prisoner by Charles V, Catherine's nephew  
Thomas Cranmer and Thomas Cromwell   became king's closet advisors and both had Lutheran sympathies  
Convocation, January 1531   this recognized Henry as the head of the church  
Submission of the Clergy, 1532   placed cannon law under royal control and therby the clergy under royal jurisdiction  
January 1533, Febuary 1533, March 1533   In January Henry wed pregant Anne Boleyn, Febuary Parliament made the king the highest court of appeal for all English subjects and in March Cranmer became archbishop of Cantebury and led Concocation in invalidating Henry's marriage with Catherine  
Act of Succession and the Act of Supremacy, 1534   first made Anne Boleyn's children legimate heirs to the throne, second declared Henry "the only supreme head in earth of the Church of England"  
Ten Article of 1536   made mild concessions to Protestant tenets, Catherine doctrine was maintained  
Six Articles of 1539   these reaffirmed transubstantiation, declared celibate vows invioble, provided for private Masses, denied the Eucharistic cup to the laity, and orded the continuation of oral confession  
1547   Henry died and his son amd succesor, Edward VI was only tne years old and under Edward Seymour, regent Henry's Six Artlices and laws against Potestant heresy were repealed  
Act of Uniformity,1549   imposed Thomas Cranmer's Book of Commom Prayer on all English churches  
Second Act of Uniformity, 1552   imposed a revised version of the Book of Commom Prayer on all Churches  


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Created by: Cianci