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pathology ch 5 gastric 2

Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

Bacterial gastritis is seen how radiographically?   as bubbles in the gastric walls  
Gastritis is seen how radiographically?   thickening of the folds  
Peptic ulcer disease   inflammatory process involving the stomach and duodenum  
What is the most common cause of acute upper GI bleeding?   peptic ulcer disease  
Alternate name for Crohn’s disease   regional enteritis  
Crohn’s disease   inflammatory disorder usu involving the terminal ileum  
A “cobblestone appearance” describes what pathology?   Crohn’s disease  
Most common cause of a small bowel obstruction?   fibrous adhesion  
Adynamic ileus   abnormal function or loss of peristalsis in the small bowel  
Adynamic ileus radiographic appearance   dilated loops of bowel with no point of obstruction seen  
Intussusception   telescoping of the intestine  
When can intussusception be seen on x-ray?   after 48 hours  
When can an SBO be seen on x-ray?   after 3-4 hours  
A “coiled spring” appearance represents what pathology?   intussusception  
Radiographic appearance of diverticulosis   round or oval barium projections from the bowel walls  
Diverticulitis radiographic appearance   extravasation of barium from the tip of the diverticulum  


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