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pathology set 3 quiz 1

Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

Disadvantages of MRI   long scanning time resulting in image degration from pt. motion, claustrophobia, no implanted metal  
what type of crystal is used in a nuke med gamma camera?   sodium iodide  
what type of image is made in nuke med?   scintographic  
increased uptake of radiopharmaceuticals produce:   “hot-spots”  
decreased uptake of radiopharmaceuticals produce:   “cold spots”  
what 3 specialties is PET used most commonly?   oncology, cardiology, neurology  
etiology   the study of the cause of a pathologic process  
pathogenesis   the sequence of events that renders a disease apparent  
diagnosis   the identification of a disease or condition  
prognosis   the predicted outcome of a disease and the patient’s prospect of recovery  
procedure   any manipulation the patient is put through for evaluation of a disease process  
test   an analysis of specimens taken from a patient  
symptom   subjective, from the patients point of view  
sign   objective manifestations that can be physically measured or observed  
syndrome   a cluster of findings that characterize a specific abnormal disturbance  
incidence   the number of newly diagnosed cases of a disease in 1 year  
prevalence   the number of people who have any given at any given period of time  
morbidity rate   the ratio of sick to healthy people in a given area for a given disease  
mortality rate   the ratio of actual deaths to expected deaths for a particular disease  


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Created by: annaluz87 on 2009-05-28

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