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Apologia Gen Sci 3

Apologia Exploring Creation with General Science Module 3

Name, Term, or ConceptDescription/Definition
experimental variable an aspect of an experiment which changes during the course of the experiment
control (of an experiment) the variable or part of the experiment to which all others can be compared
blind studies experiments in which the participants do not know whether or not they are a part of the control group
double-blind studies experiments in which neither the participants nor the people analyzing the results know who is in the control group
unnecessary experimental variables may affect the experiment in unexpected ways
the purpose of an experimental variable in an experiment to observe its effect
surface tension a property of liquids which can be thought of as a thin film that stretches across the surface of every liquid
soap's effect on water decreases the surface tension of water
placeboes fake pills made to look identical to the real drug being tested
subjective depending to some extent on the opinions of people
objective not affected by the opinions of people
subjective data indicates a need for a blind or double-blind study
objective data does not indicate a need for a blind or double-blind study
x-axis of a graph the horizontal scale of the graph
y-axis of a graph the vertical scale on the graph
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