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cavity term

Oral cavity Space within the arches of the teeth
Vestibule Part of the oral cavity that lies between the teeth and lips
Oral mucosa (Mucus membrane) lining of the oral cavity
Frenum A fold of mucous membrane attaching the cheeks and the lips to the mandibular and maxillary mucosa
Palate The roof of the mouth 1) anterior palate; hard; ends at maxillary 3rd molar; 2/3 2) posterior palate; soft; 1/3
Uvula Palatine Small u-shaped fleshy mass hanging from soft palate; helps raise soft palate for speech
Palatine tonsil A small rounded mass of lymphoid tissue located on each side of the tongue in back of mouth
Waldeyers tonsillar ring Formed by the lingual (base of the tongue), pharyngeal (roof of the nasopharynx), and faucial (Palatine) tonsils
Anterior and posterior pillars of fauces Two folds on mucous membrane running from the uvula to the sides of the base of the tongue; between lies the Palatine tonsils
Maxillary tuberosity The bony prominences at the end (distal) of the maxillary alveolar process of either side
Retromolar pad pad of tissue that covers the end (distal) of the mandibular alveolar process
Palatine rugae Irregularly shaped elevations of soft tissues extending laterally from the midline of the hard palate
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