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Final Review 2nd Sem

What was the bombing of Hiroshima, Soviet Union breaking apart, end of Apartheid and the Treaty of Versailles? World events in the Twentieth Century
What religion did Siddartha Guatama create? Buddhism- people who follow the eight fold Path
What slowed the exchange of ideas between early China and the Europeans? Physical barriers such as mountains and deserts.
Why do some countries in Africa speak English? They were once a British colony
If the demand of a certain product goes up what happens to the price? It increases
The slave trade allowed for the spread of ___________________________ to the United States. Music, Art, Dance and Food
Personal and Economic freedoms are increased due to ________________. Placing limits on a government
India is a _____________government and can vote for their chosen leaders. democratic
Literacy Rate, GDP, Death Rate are all examples of ________________________. Economic Indicators
Plentiful resources in South Africa are examples of _______________________responsible for prosperous mining in South Africa. Geographic factors
Early on, What would have been the main reason China and Korea would have traded goods? Close location
El Nino is caused by ______________. Ocean currents
What two Asian river locations considered to be cradles of early civilizations? Indus and Mekong
What geographic feature caused the Inca to use terrace farming? Mountainous terrain
Respect for honor and authority is most associated with which culture? Japanese
The United States uses a Checks and Balances system to _____________. Prevent any one branch from gaining too much power.
A speech is a __________________ resource. primary
Bhutan is an isolated country because of ____________________ the Himalayas surround the country.
China's economy has gone from a _______ to a ________. command to mixed
Where is the Western Plateau located? Australia
What is a monsoon? seasonal reversing wind accompanied by corresponding changes in precipitation
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