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Shafer Module Africa

land that produces a lot of food is called fertile
to artificially bring water to crops irrigate
To steal: usually done at sea piracy
A policy of racial laws and discrimination in S. Africa Apartheid
People who share common ancestry/family clans
A religion that believes in Allah Islam
The ability to read and write literacy
Large scale production of food for sale commercial farming
Having great pride in one's country nationalism
When one country takes control over another country imperialism
A country that lacks technology undeveloped
The voyage of slaves to the America's middle passage
Products such as cotton and tobacco that are grown to be sold cash crops
Making only enough of something for your family to survive on. Subsistence
A small river or stream that leads to a larger river tributary
Countries that are adding technology or industry developing
A country that is under the control of another country colony
How long on average people live in a certain area. life expectancy
Common characteristics on how people live in a certain area culture
Countries with technology and industry developed
A flat area that is above the surrounding land plateau
Domestication means to adapt wild plants or animals to human use
Things people do to make money in a certain area economy
People who share common language, religion, family and customs ethnic groups
Searching for plants and animals to survive hunter gatherers
Created by: shafhunter on 2014-03-17

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