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OB rotation

Uterus Womb
Cervix Lowest part of the uterus
Fallopian tubes also known as oviducts, uterine tubes, and salpinges (singular salpinx) are two very fine tubes lined with ciliated epithelia, leading from the ovaries into the uterus, via the utero-tubal junction
Endometrium The mucous membrane lining the uterus, which thickens during the menstrual cycle in preparation for possible implantation of an embryo
Myometrium Middle layer of the uterine wall, consisting mainly of uterine smooth muscle cells, but also of supporting stromal and vascular tissue. Its main function is to induce uterine contractions.
Parametrium connective tissue of the pelvic floor extending laterally from the fibrous subserous coat of the supracervical portion of the uterus, and between the layers of the broad ligament.
Sequelae Morbid condition following or occurring as a consequence of another condition or event
Dyspareunia Painful sexual intercourse
Endometritis Infection of the endometrium, or decidua, usually results from an ascending infection from the lower genital tract.
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