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Alarming idea

One or more units that produce electrical energy, usually through the transformation of chemical energy. Battery
The complete path of an electric current, including the source of electrical energy. Circuit
A substance or body that allows electricity to pass through it. Conductor
The flow of charges. Current
A form of energy that results from the movement or presence of charges in a substance or object. Electricity
the ability to do work, or the ability to make a change. Energy
A machine that converts mechanical energy into electrical energy. Generator
A substance or body that does not allow electricity to pass through it. Insulator
A circuit component that controls when the circuit is complete (closed) or incomplete (open). Switch
To change from one form to another. Transform
A person or company hired to build or construct something, such as a building or circuit. Contractor
A plan for how to build a solution to a problem. Design
A person who works in the field of engineering concerned with solving problems involving electricity. Electrical engineer
A person who uses his or her creativity and understanding of materials, tools, mathematics, and science to design things that solve problems. Engineer
The substance(s) from whih an object is or can be made. Material
To change or improve one pr more aspects of a technology, such as its, cost, efficiency, looks, or parts. Redesign
An illustration of an electrical circuit with the different components represented by particular symbols. Schematic diagram
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