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BOARDSspinal anatomy

Cervical, Lumbar, and Sacral Plexuses

nervesspinal rootsstructures served
Lesser Occipital C2, C3 sensory- posterolateral neck
Greater Auricular C2, C3 sensory- ear & parotid gland
Transverse cervical C2, C3 sensory- anterior & lateral neck
Supraclavicular C3, C4 sensory- shoulder & anterior chest
Ansa cervicalis C1- C4 motor- geniohyoid & infrahyoid muscles of neck
Segmental branches C1- C5 Motor- neck & scalenes, levator, trapezius, SCM
Phrenic C3, C4 & C5 motor- diaphragm
Femoral L2- L4 Sensory- thigh, leg, foot, hip, knee joints Motor- anterior thigh, psoas, pectineus, iliacus
Obturator L2-L4 Sensory- medial thigh & hip joint motor- adductors, gracilis & obturator externus
Lateral Femoral Cutaneous L2, L3 sensory- lateral thigh, branches to peritoneum
Iliohypogastric L1 sensory- lower abdomen, lower back & hip, anterlateral abdominal wall & pubic region
Ilioinguinal L1 sensory- external genitalia, thigh & abdominals
Genitofemoral L1, L2 sensory- scrotum, labia, thigh & cremasterics
Sciatic L4, L5, S1-S3 motor- tibial & common peroneal
Tibial L4-S3 sensory- posterior leg & foot motor- all muscles back of thigh, leg & foot
Common Peroneal L4-S2 sensory- anterior leg & dorsum foot motor- peroneals, tibialis ant., externsion of toe
Superior Gluteal L4, L5, S1 Motor- gluteus medius, minius & Tensor facia
Inferior Gluteal L5-S2 Motor- gluteus maximus
Posterior Femoral Cutaneous S1-S3 sensory- buttock, thigh, popliteal, calf & heel
Pudendal S2-S4 sensory- muscles of perineum motor- external anal sphincter
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