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Prefixes + Suffixes

Prefixes and suffixes (M-Z)

macro-, macr- enlargement - elongated part
mal bad - ill
melano- dark - colored - related to melanin
meno- month
mes-, medi-, mesio- middle - intermediate
meta-, met- over - beyond - transformation
metro-, metra- uterus
metry- measure
micro-, micr- small
mono- one - single
morpho-, morph- form - shape
muco-, muc- relating to mucous membrane
myo-, my- muscle
naso- nose
necr- death
neo-, ne new - recent
nephro-, nephr- kidneys
neuro-, neuri, neur pertaining to nerves
nucleo-, nucle- pertaining to nucleus
ob- against - toward
odonto-, odont- tooth
-oid like - resembling
-oma swelling - tumor
-opia, -opy sight - eye defect
oro- mouth - oral
ortho-, orth- straight - normal
-osis condition - state
osteo-, oste- bone
oto-, ot- ear
-ous full of having
ovi-, ovo-, ovu- egg
pan- all - every - general
para- beyond - beside - near
patho-, path- disease
pedia-, pedo-(paedo) child
per- throughout - completely
peri- around - near
phago- to eat
-phile, -phil loving
phlebo-, phleb- vein
-phobe, -phobia fear - dread
-plas- mold - shape
plasmo- plasm form
-plegia, -plexy paralysis - stroke
-pnea (-pnoea) breathing
pneumo- air - lung
poly many - much
pont- bridge
post behind - after
pre before - in front of
pro before - in front of
proprio one's own
pseudo false - deceptive
psycho-, psych- mind - mental processes
pulmo- lung
pur-, pyo- pus
pyro- fever - heat
re- back - again
-renal kidney
retro- back - backward - behind
-rhage breaking - bursting forth - produce - flow
-rhea, (rhoea) flow - discharge
rhino-, rhin- nose
rube- red
sarco- flesh - muscle
-sclero- hard
-scopy examination - inspection
semi- half
sial-, sialo- saliva
-some- body
-squam scale
stomat mouth
sub- beneath - under - deficient
super- above - upon - excessive
syn with - together
tachy swift
tact touch
thermo- heat
thrombo-, thromb- clot - coagulation
trans- beyond - through - across
tropho-, -trophic nutrition - nourishment
-tropic turning toward - changing
-ule diminutive - small
-uria urine
vaso- blood vessels
vita life
xero- dry
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