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Roots Quiz 1


a, an no; lacking; none
ab away from; out from
ac to; toward
-aceus, -aceous of or pertaining to
acou hearing
acr; acro extreme; peak
ad to; toward
adeno gland
agri field; soil
-al having character of
alb white
-algia pain
alto high
ameb change; alternation
amphibi leading a double life
ampho-; amb- both
an not; without
ana up
andro masculine; man
anemo wind
angio vessel
ante before; ahead of time
antero front
antho flower
anti against
anthropo- man
ap- to; toward
aqu water
archaeo primitive; ancient
arthro joint
aster; astr stars
-ate used in forming verbs from nouns
-ation used in forming nouns from verbs
atom vapor
audio hear
auto self
bactr stick; club
barb beard
baro weight
bath depth; height
bene good; well
bi two; twice; double
bio; bi life; living
-blast sprout; germ
brachi having arms
branchi having fins
brev short
bronch windpipe
calor heat
carb coal; carbon
cardi heart
carn meat
carp fruit
carpal wrist
caud tail
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