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DA Microbiology

DA Microbiology FINAL Chapter 10

Can yeast be killed w/ antibiotics? No
Can antibiotics kill viruses? No
Can fever kill most bacteria? Yes
What is Pediculosis? Being infected with Lice
What group of microorganisms are important to dentistry? bacteria and viruses
What does aerobic mean? Must have oxygen to survive
What does Pertussis affect? The respiratory system
What is another name for protozoa? Amoeba
What does herpes simplex 2 affect? The genital area
What type of Hepatitis do you get by eating contaminated food? Hepatitis A
What type of hepatitis is of most concern to dental professionals? Hepatitis B
What are antigens? Pathogens that stimulate the production of antibodies
What type of immunity is a person born with? Natural
What is a natural acquired immunity? When you have had the disease
What is the route of transmission of a microorganism by breathing in the pathogen called? inhalation contact
The route of transmission of a microorganism by touching the lesion? Direct Contact
If a dental caregiver obtains a disease from a contaminated instrument, what route of exposure is this? Indirect contact
What should all healthcare providers be immunized for? Hep B
T/F....a person can overreact to antigens True
What is the route of transmission of a microorganism by a contaminated instrument is.... Indirect contact
This group of fungal infections, Tinea ungium, is characterized as white patches of the... fingernail
T/F....Fever destroys most bacteria True
What is the cause of the most common sexually transmitted disease in the U.S.? Chlamydia
T/F....An anaerobic bacteria must have oxygen to survive False
What disease may cause lockjaw? Tetanus
Another name for protozoa is? Amoeba
After people have had a disease, they develop what kind of immunity? Natural acquired

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