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Clinical study stack

MEA1010 H / Mr. Patrick Polk, NCMA

q every
d day
qd everyday
qh every hour
qod every other day
qs as much as needed
hs at bedtime
bid twice a day
tid three times a day
qid four times a day
prn as needed
OD right eye
OS left eye
OU bouth eyes
AD right ear
AS left ear
AU both ears
abd abdomen
RLQ right lower quadrant
RUQ right upper quadrant nausea/vomit
N/V/D diarrhea
BM bowel movement
EA earache
SOB short of breath
CP chest pain
HA headache
ST sore throat
NKDA no known drug allergies
NSAID non steriodal anti-inflammatory drugs
ASA aspirin
pcn penicillin
ROM range of motion
pt patient
c/o complains of
sxs symptoms
BP blood pressure
PMH previous medical history
hx history
tx treatment
R/O rule out
c with
s without
p after
x times
po by mouth
npo nothing by mouth
cx culture
I & D insicion and drainage
UA urinalysis
mg milligram
mL milliliter
IM intramuscular
ID intradermal
IV intravenous
SQ subcutaneous
STAT immediately
DC discontinue or discharge
Created by: Giselda Marez

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