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Admire Esteem, respect.
Adroit skillful, dexterous, proficient
ambivalent unsure, mixed, undecided
camouflage hide, disguise, conceal(위장하다)
composed 1. calm, tranquil 2. created, written, formed
conceal hide, cover, obscure (숨기다)
deliberate 1. careful, thoughtful, cautious 2. intentional, designed, planned
exhilarate exciete, thrill, elate
Exposure disclosure, revelation, uncovering, unveiling (폭로)
glow shine, radiate, beam
hiatus break, interruption, gap
incinerate burn
ineffectively without any result, inefficiently, unproductively
inert motionless, inactive, stationary
luster sheen, brightness, brilliance, radiance
massive huge, colossal, enormous, bulky
occupy engross, engage, absorb (사로잡다)
precede come before, antecede, forerun
prove verify, substantiate, confirm
purchase buy,
restrict limit, confine, restrain
rupture breach, burst break apart, burst, split, tear
scrutiny examination, investigation, inspection
seductive tempting, enticing (유혹하다)
seep go through slowly, pass through slowly
segment portion, division, section, part
shatter break, pulverize, smash
shock jolt, startle, stun
significant important, essential, considerable, substantial, serious
slab single piece of material
slaughter massacre, butcher, kill
strife conflict, struggle, fight
style mode, manner, technique
sustained continued, constant, prolonged, steady
temperance moderation, continence, self-discipline
tremendous huge, great, gigantic
vivid bright, brilliant, graphic, pictorial (선명한)
wedge cram, squeeze, crowd (억지로 밀어넣다)
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