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The Nervous System

Miss Mele Key Vocabulary of The Nervous System

Neuron Nerve Cell
Cerebrum front part of the brain, divided into two symmetrical halves cerebral hemispheres. In humans, it is where activities including reasoning, learning, sensory perception, and emotional responses take place.
Dendrite part of the neuron that receives messages
Axon part of the neuron that conducts impulses away from the cell body
Cerebellum Part of brain that coordinates movement and balance
Myelin Sheath a shiny white insulating covering over some nerve fibers
Synapse gap between two neurons in a nerve pathway
Glial Cells cells that support and nourish neurons
Backbone flexible column of vertebrae that protects the spinal cord
Spinal Cord long cord of nerves running through the backbone; connects the brain with the rest of body
Autonomic Nervous System controls nerves that lead to smooth muscles of most of your body
EEG machine the records brain wave patterns
Peripheral Nervous System carries messages between central nervous system and the rest of the body
Central Nervous System brain and spinal cord
4 lobes frontal, parietal, temporal and occipital
Skull the bones forming the enclosure of the brain
Brain central organ of the nervous system
Three types of neurons Sensory, motor, interneuron
Spinal Nerves 12 pairs of nerves that branch out from the brain
Tissue Group of similar cells that preform the same function
Medulla controls heartbeat, breathing and blood pressure
Nervous System controls all activity in the body
Reflex an automatic response to environment
Created by: Michelle Mele on 2011-05-05

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