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(R) vs (L) CVA

Spatial relationship problem (R) CVA
hand-eye coordination (R) CVA
irritability (R) CVA
short attention span (R) CVA
cannot retain info (R) CVA
difficulty learning individual steps (R) CVA
poor judgement in personal safety (R) CVA
diminished body image (R) CVA
(L) sided neglect (R) CVA
quick & impulsive (R) CVA
indifferent (R) CVA
apraxia (L) CVA
difficulty starting and sequencing tasks (L) CVA
perseveration (L) CVA
easily frustrated (L) CVA
high anxiety levels (L) CVA
inability to communicate verbally (L) CVA
cautious and slow (L) CVA
hesitant and insecure (L) CVA
Created by: bluepunkstar on 2006-12-21

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