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Wordly Wise- List 1

to become weaker; to decrease. showing no sign of weakening; showing no decrease Abate
1.to admit the existence of. 2.to express recognition or thanks for. Commonly accepted or recognized. Acknowledge
1.a person who acts or does business for another. 2. something that brings about a reult Agent
1. the right to make orders, make decisions, or take action 2. an expert source of information. 3. a group of people who ahve the right to enforce laws. Authority
to ruin or destroy completely. causing destruction. great destruction. Devastate
the rapid spreading of a disease to many peopleat one time. spreading rapidly as a disease over a wide area Epidemic
a number that is not exact; a careful guess. to figure out roughly; to make an approximate calculation. Estimate
to force out of property by taking legal action Evict
not favoring one side more than another; fair Impatial
hardworking; not lazy Industrious
to make very angry Infuriate
exact; accurate exactness Precise
something fake or false not genuine; fake to pretend Sham
a long, slow, and difficult journey to travel slowly with difficulty Trek
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