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BR - Body Landmarks

Board Review - Body Landmarks & Terminology

Which can be found only in the pelvic cavity? Sigmoid Colon, Rectum, Pancreas, Gall Bladder Sigmoid Colon
What is the name of the cavity that is a combination of the cranial cavity and the spinal cavities? Dorsal Cavity
The abdomen is divided into 9 areas. What is the location of the hypogastric area? Central area just above pubis
What describes lateral movement of extremities away from the midline of the body? Abduction
When performing CPR, in what position should you place the victim? Supine
In what ways will an understanding of medical terminology be helpful for a massage therapist? Communication with other health care professionals, Documentation, Assessment
What is the meaning of the prefix supra-? Above, over
When identifying the location of a body part, what does superior indicate? Above
What is a description of prone? Lying face down
In western medicine anatomical position, which finger is in the most lateral position? Thumb
What is location of the elbow in relation to the wrist? Proximal
Centripetal massage strokes means strokes ____ the heart toward
A client comes in with a bruise on the bottom of his/her foot. How would a massage therapist describe the location of the bruise? The bruise is located on the plantar aspect of the foot.
What is the most accurate relationship between anatomy and physiology? Anatomy describes the body's structure while physiology describes its function.
In which quadrant of the abdomen is the liver located? upper right
In which cavity is the psoas muscle located? abdominal
Which muscle divides the thoracic cavity from the abdominal cavity? diaphragm
Which plane of the body are the brain and spinal cord located? midsagittal plane
The sciatic nerve lies between which two landmarks? greater trochanter & ischial tuberosity
What does paraplegic mean? both legs and trunk are paralyzed
What describes the coronal plane? A plane that divides the body into anterior and posterior portions
What plane is it that divides the body into right and left parts? Sagittal
What does gastro refer to? stomach
What is the term for a collection of nerves going to serve one area of the body? plexus
Which prefix means disease? Patho-
Which prefix means new? Neo-
Which prefix means joint? Arthro-
Which prefix means false? Pseudo-
What does the suffix -poiesis mean? Formation of
What does the suffix -it mean? inflammation
What does the suffix -algia mean? pain
What does the suffix -oma mean? tumor
What does the prefix myo- mean? muscle
What does the prefix nephro-mean? kidney
What does the rpefix osteo- mean? bone
Which branch of biology studies the function of living things? Physiology
What is the name givent o the state of internal constancy maintained by the organs and systems of the body? Homeostasis
What is the name of the structure that seperates the right and left pleural cavities? mediastinum
In which cavity is the spleen located? abdominal
The body is composed of how many major systems? eleven (integumentary, skeletal, muscular, nervous, endocrine, cardiovascular, lymphatic, respiratory, digestive, urinary & reproductive)
Which of the following is not a component of the axial subdivision of the body? Neck, Trunk, Upper extremity, Head Upper extremity
What is the body portion that consists of the upper and lower extremities called? Appendicular
Where are the kidneys located? Opposite T12
What is a synonym for medial? midline
What does the prefix ab- mean? away from
What does the suffix -cyte stand for? cell
What does the prefix peri- mean? around, beyond
In which quadrant of the abdomen is the sigmoid flexure located? lower left
The abdominal cavity contains all except which body part? Bladder, Kidney, Spleen, Stomach Bladder
What isn ot part of the mediastinum? Lungs, Aorta, Trachea, Heart Lungs
In which abdomino-pelvic quadrant is the gall bladder located? upper right
What is the most basic level of structure organization of the body? chemical
Which movement increases the angle of the elbow? extension
When the LMT positions the client on their side, what is it called? lateral recumbent position
Which bony landmark is palpated in locating the brachial plexus? clavicle
Which term would best describe the art of feeling the muscles? palpation
What is the term for the sensory area of the skin innervated by a particular spinal nerve root? dermatome
What word means dead tissue? necrosis
What is the word for partially digested food, water, hydrochloric acid, and various digestive enzymes? chyme
What term best describes muscles that jump into action quickly and tire quickly? Phasic muscles
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