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NPTE endocrine

Gaves hyperthyroidism ex intolerance palpitations tachycardia heat intol fatigue
Addison's Adrenal insufficiency dec. cold tol dec. endurance weak bronze wt. loss
Cushing's excess cortisol by adrenal cortex (or meds) muscle atrophy, obesity,moon face, edema inc risk of infection, HTN, dec. bone density
Insulin dec. glucose
glucagon inc. glucose
DM dx fasting glucose >126 random plasma glucose >200 w/ polydipsia, polyuria, polyphagia
Diabetic ketoacidosis usu. type I after illness ketones in urine
DM type II inc. glucose production, dec. insulin production, inappropriate glucagon secretion
hypoglycemia early sx: <70 mg/dL - rapid dizzy poor coordination, unsteady gait fatigue, weakness faint tachycardia, palpitations sweating shaky pallor excessive hunger
hypoglycemia late sx: late sx: nervous/irritable HA blurred or double vision drowsy confusion LOC coma
Hypoglycemia response: give sugar If unresponsive - Immediate medical attention
Hyperglycemia >300 - gradual weak, inc. thirst, dec appetite, n/v abdominal tenderness dry mouth freq. scant urination dulled senses, paresthesias flushed deep, rapid respirations pulse: rapid, weak fruity breath hyperglycemic coma immediate medical tx
Ex precautions for DM hypoglycemia do not ex if glucose <70 or >300 blunted BP, HR incompetencies - use RPE avoid ex 2-4h after insulin injection
Hashimoto's Autoimmune Hypothroidism cold intol possible ex intol weakness atrophy ex induced myalgia dec. CO, BP
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