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Moser - CP 10 Poetry

Poetry Review Stack

Dreams Mary Oliver
Shirt Robert Pinsky
There are so many tic toc EE Cummings
This is Just to Say William Carlos Williams
From a Gas Station Outside Providence Mike Doughty
Jabberwocky Lewis Carroll
The Lighthouse Nickel Creek
20 Love Poems and a Song of Despair Pablo Neruda
He Wishes for the Cloths of Heaven William Butler Yeats
Small Portions Julia Alvarez
Same Song Pat Mora
The Legend Garrett Hongo
I am Offering this Poem Jimmy Santiago Baca
Heart! We will forget him! Emily Dickinson
Ode to My Socks Pablo Neruda
The Word Pablo Neruda
Bonny Barbara Allan Anonymous
The Flying Cat Naomi Shihab Nye
Miss Rosie Lucille Clifton
Poem about waking up and only remembering minor details. "All the locks click open and the blossoms blossom" Dreams
Deconstructivist look at an everyday item we take for granted Shirt
Compares the order of our everyday life to clocks but unregulated spring is more like kisses There are so many tic toc
Note regarding eating the fruits you've been saving... This is just to say
Deconstuctionist exploration of communicating by telephone From a gas station outside providence
Nonsense word poem telling the story of a battle with a mythical creature Jabberwocky
Ballad about a young woman who is killed by natural forces and her love who commits suicide to be with her The lighthouse
Tonight I can write the saddest lines 20 Love poems and a song of despair
A man is poor and can only give his dreams to his beloved He wishes for the cloths of heaven
Life should be enjoyed in bite-sized pieces. I focus on details, see life through binoculars - sometimes miss the big picture Small portions
Young men and women both value their physical appearance but approach it in different ways Same song
Story of a man gunned down while leaving the laundromat, speaker feels detached, reads Descartes The Legend
Speaker is poor but will give poem to his beloved, words will be a comfort through use of winter imagery I am offering this poem
Personification of parts of body, head and heart are seperate Heart! We will forget him!
Belle of Amherst, reclusive American poet, distinctive dash Emily Dickinson
Serious poem about everyday item, soft as rabbits, blue with gold stripe Ode to my socks
Chilean poet musing on how conquistadors took everything but left language the words
Scott-Irish piece traditionally sung by minstrel, tells of hardhearted lover Bonny barbara allan
An Introduction to Poetry Billy Collins
Dog's Death John Updike
Ex-Basketball Player John Updike
We Real Cool Gwendolyn Brooks
Another Reason I Don't Keep a Gun in the House Billy Collins
"The neighbor's dog will not stop barking" Another Reason...
Sarah Cynthia Sylvia Stout Shel Silverstein
Skipping school staying up late and drinking may cause us to die young We Real Cool
Flick Web remembered for his high school glory Ex-Basketball Player
Says it doesn't want students to torture confessions out of writing An Introduction to Poetry
Puppy that attempts to go on the paper despite having been hit by car Dog's Death
Created by: kenmoser