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DBA questions


Who is responsible for converting Russia to Christianity? Cyril
After Islam spread across to Asia,Africa,and part of Spain its expansion was stopped at the Battle of? Tours
The most influential institution during the medieval period was the? Christian Church
The main causes for the development of feudalism were? no central authortities or protection from invasion
The manorial system included all except? a centralized nation state
Which of the following invaders is associated with the correct region? Magyars from Central Asia to Hungary
The weaknesses of the Byzantine and Persian Empires allowed Islam to spread into the following regions except? China
Which leader in the diagram is not connected to the development of France? Saladin
Spain was unfied by the efforts of? Ferdinand and Isabelle
An important role of monasteries in the Middle Ages was to? preserve ancient literature
Mongol armies invaded all of the following except? Western Europe
Education in the Middle Ages was largely confined to? the clergy
Which of the following groups laid the foundation for the rise of universities in Europe? Christian scholars
During the Dark Ages, classical learning was primarily preserved in? Church monasteries
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