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Revolution :}


results of the british victory of the French and Indian War Britain enacted alot of taxes to raise revenue to help their econonmy that was in great debt. Salutary neglect ends and this marks the begining of conflicts between Britain and the colonies.
Procalmation of 1763 Grenville wanted to reduce the amount of lands needed to be protected in order to save money, plus it was easier to control the colonists that way. The colonists saw this as a restriction on expansion.
Sugar act of 1764 desgined to raise revenues. lowered the price of molasses to decrease smuggling. those who were caught smuggling would be tried in admirality courts in england.
Repeal of the Stamp Act (1765) Resulted in the colonists policy of non importation and weakened British authority.
Declaratory Act 1765 Was the result of the stampt act repeal at an attempt to reclaim absolute legislative authority. This act was ignored by the colonists because of the excitement over the stamp act repeal.
Created by: Phung My Tran Phung My Tran on 2010-04-24

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