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Clark Geography 20

Which country is not located on the Arabian Peninsula? Iraq
Which tectonic plate has not contributed to the formation of the Arabian Peninsula? Cocos
Which mountain range is located along the northeastern border of Iran? Zagros
Which bodies of water lie to the south of the Arabian Peninsula? Arabian Sea and Gulf of Aden
What factor prevents all the countries in the Persian Gulf from producing desalinized water? It is very expensive to produce on a large scale
What is the name of the region that includes land from the Persian Gulf through the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers? Fertile Crescent
Where was the prophet Muhummad born? Mecca
Which ethnic group has never had their own country? Kurds
In which country are Shia imams particularly important and influential? Iran
What is Islam's holiest city? Mecca
What country has the largest oil production? Saudi Arabia
Why are pigs generally not raised in the Persian Gulf and interior? Muslims are forbidden to eat pork
What does OPEC stand for? Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries
Which country is ruled by an ayatollah? Iran
According to the map above, which country borders Iraq to the northwest? Syria
According to the map above, the Persian Gulf is most geographically accessible by which group of countries? Saudia Arabia, Kuwait, and Iran
Turkey is split in two by the Bosporus, _____, and the Sea of Marmara. the Dardanelles
Which of the following rivers flows into the Dead Sea? Jordan
What mineral is used to make fertilizer? Potash
Ottoman rulers were called______? sultans
What happened to Palestine after World War 1? It was retained by the Ottoman Empire
What three strips of land are issuses in the Arab-Isreal conlict? the Gaza strip, the West Bank, and the Golan Heights
What are the four quarters of Jerusalem? Armenian, Muslim, Jewish, and Christian
What is Israel's leading export? Polished Diamonds
According to the map above, which city is not a port city? Jerusalem
According to the map above, which place is an island? Cyprus
Compared to the United States, the Eastern Mediterranean region is- much smaller
Created by: christinaR1234 on 2010-03-20

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